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Buffalo’s Biggest Halloween Bash—at the haunted terminal

photos by Robert Rebholz

The power levers were thrown on and electricity flowed through the magnificent beast. The furnaces were lit and cranked to high. The roaring heat pushed life back through its icy veins...it's AAAAAALIIIVE!

This is not a mad scientist at work. It is the work of the Variety Club, Local 753, and over 200 volunteers bringing life back to Buffalo's Central Train Terminal for the Variety Clubs fifth annual Halloween costume party.

This annual event is without a doubt Buffalo's largest costume party. Roughly 3,000 ghouls, goblins, and other assorted devilish Halloween characters gathered in the lobby of the Central Terminal to celebrate Halloween and to support the Variety Club. Last year’s Bash raised over $80,000, which was used for a much-needed renovation of the Women and Children's Hospital pharmacy.

Halloween Bash 2010 did not disappoint. While working my way through the packed crowd, I often felt like I was in a children’s video library come to life—Grinch and Cindy Lou, Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear, the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland. There was even an appearance by Yo Gabba Gabba’s Muno and his Kia Superbowl Commercial buddy, the Sock Monkey.

There were also plenty of costumes ripped from current headlines, including the Chilean miners, a visit from a certain Buffalo gubernatorial candidate (complete with paunch and raccoon eyes), even Hunter S. Thompson. Mark Walker put in the extra effort with a death row costume that included the death chair with straps, a pair of fake legs and of course the metal cap electrode.

That 80’s Hair Band, Johnny Smoke and Equilibrium, and others played their unique brand of rock and roll, while a private VIP room that offered an oasis from the teeming crowds.

If you believe in ghosts, the Central Terminal is probably a good place to start looking—especially when there’s a great local charity to support.

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