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One big Rockin' party

Music = good. Party in parkin' lot = EVENT!

Party people: Sherry Burns, Gordon Ballard, and me.

Courtesy of Sherry Burns

I also went to Rockin’ at the Knox, but unlike my admirable fellow Spree blogger, Bruce Adams, I didn’t stop to smell the art—been there, done that, will keep going there and doing that! To me, Rockin’ is one big party. And I was there to enjoy it.

From the moment I walked in with a posse of pals, including the wondrous Heather and Jeremy Allen, freelance wonk Laura Kirkpatrick, and Doctors Ben and Julia Oppenheimer, it was nothin’ but pure social pleasure, enhanced by the happiness of the night, the scene and the cause—and of course, the music.

As the National launched into their first song, I attempted to take it all in—but it couldn’t be done just by standing there. There was room to roam in the partially filled parking lot, so off I went!

Volunteer gatekeeper for the VIP area Joan Bukowski, who currently heads up the Board of Managers of the nearby Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society, was clad in a sparkly summery top. She commiserated with Jennifer Balbach— Jen’s shoe broke as she was walking up the stairs! Husband Teo dispatched to fetch a replacement pair, Jennifer sat, ever-so-slightly woebegone, but undaunted.

Spree event photog and Buffalo Public Schools teacher Cheryl Jackson and handsome hubby, Ed Cardoni of Hallwalls wouldn’t have missed it, as they caught up with friends and neighbors.

Poet and Buff State prof Irene Sipos, and her husband, funnyman Dave the Piano Tuna, volunteered in the beer tent, as did artist Gary Szerbaniewicz—stepping out to enjoy a brew after a busy shift, he dug the scene as well.

Meanwhile, in ye olde VIP tent, the discovery of Liz Dann, recently returned to town, yukking it up with husband-and-wife Cheryl Lyles and Steve Lakomy added to the evening’s enjoyment. East Aurora gallerist Grace Meibohm chatted with friends, and Sherry Burns, one of Channel 2’s intrepid social documentarians, focused on the people...and the cheese.

Margaret Sullivan and Colin Dabkowski of the Buffalo News were spotted, and Spree’s own Elizabeth Licata added to our strong editorial representation. Photographer Lesley Horowitz flitted about; it’s always nice to see that elfin one.

What can I say, it was a great party...oh, yeah and the music? It was nice, too.

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