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"Buffalo: Unscripted" Screens Friday

Shooting footage at the Larkin building

Jason Clement

Over the summer the National Trust for Historic Preservation dispatched a team of young and enthusiastic filmmakers to our fair city. Their goal was to capture the essence of what makes Buffalo the ideal place for the Trust's 2011 conference. The results have been released in drips and drabs over the last few weeks, beginning with the "Buffalo in One Word" series and culminating Friday, October 21 in a screening of the full length Buffalo: Unscripted..

Hundreds of Buffalonians were interviewed for the project, in makeshift studios at coffeeshops and other community gathering places throughout the city. Jason Clement, the guy behind the camera, told BuffaloRising.com in a recent article, "That's the thing about Buffalo—there are (at least) two ways of looking at it. The half-empties will see the rust and the scratches and think it's game over. My week and some change in the Queen City led me to a different perspective, though. I see Buffalo as a place where, if you're willing to un-tuck your shirt and get really dirty, you can get it done. And by "it," I mean that idea that has always been in the back of your head - a restored home, a better block, your own artwork, a new business."

The screening, which will be held at the Market Arcade, is open to the general public. Organizers have put details up on the event's official Facebook page. Please note that tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.


A peak at Buffalo: Unscripted's filming process. Here they are, filming outside of Urban Roots and Five Points Bakery, located on Buffalo's west side. Image courtesy of Jason Clements.


Friday, October 21

6:00pm -9:30pm

Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre

639 Main Street, Buffalo

JUST ADDED: Second screening: Saturday, October 22

12:30 p.m.

Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre

639 Main Street, Buffalo


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