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First Annual Buffalo Brewery History Tour and Pub Crawl

Every Buffaloian has his or her favorite summer event. Maybe it’s Shakespeare in the Park, Taste of Buffalo, or the Chicken Wing Festival. But now the Bard, and even Buffalo’s most beloved cuisine, will have some serious competition. This summer marks the beginning of a new event that is sure to become a favorite for many locals: The first annual Buffalo Brewery History Tour and Pub Crawl, on June 25th.

The tour, part of the eight-day Buffalo Beer Week, is more than just a celebration of the good stuff you get at the supermarket. This tour focuses on craft beer—defined as made through traditional means by small, independent brewers—and Buffalo’s surprisingly extensive brewery history. Buffalo’s first brewery dates back to 1811, and up until Prohibition, brewing was one of the city’s predominant industries. In fact, in the late 19th century and earl 20th century, Buffalo boasted the most breweries of any city in New York behind Brooklyn, and produced over thirty million gallons of beer (for much more information this fascinating history, see the articles from our Beer Issue earlier this year). The tradition continues up to this very day, with many independent microbreweries still operating throughout Buffalo.

The Brewery History Tour (click here for details) is a seven-hour examination of this crucial aspect of Buffalo’s heritage. A bus departing from Ulrich’s, Buffalo’s oldest remaining tavern, will take guests through a two-hour drive around the city’s old brewhood, led by local historian Peter Jablonski. The day will also include a talk on craft beer by Bill Metzger of Brewing News, a craft beer tasting at Pizza Plant, an examination of the wide variety of Belgian Ales, and much more, before ultimately concluding with a return to Ulrich’s for a discussion on the brewing process.

The Buffalo Brewery History Tour and Pub Crawl runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets are $50 each, and only 40 seats are available, so act quickly; you can surely explore Buffalo’s rich brewery history on your own, but as we all know, beer drinking is always best with an excited group.

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