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Graycliff’s Valentine’s Tour

Image courtesy of Graycliff

Frank Lloyd Wright was a ladies’ man. That begs the question, which one of Wright's many lady friends would he bring to Graycliff for the Valentine’s weekend tour on February 12?

He certainly had several of them to choose from. Would he take his first wife, Catherine, or his mistress Mamah Cheney? Maybe he’d take his second wife, Miriam Noel or his third wife, Olga?

Either way, whomever you choose to bring to Graycliff for the in-depth tour this weekend is your prerogative. Bring your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, anyone you choose. In the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright, everyone is welcome.

The tour will include the romantic story of Wright’s design of Graycliff, stories from Frank Lloyd Wright’s turbulent love life, and hot chocolate to warm you and your significant other up after the tour.

If you’d like to stay for a little longer, you can also see the Master Architectural Tour at 1:15p.m. the same day, February 12. The second tour will focus on architecture and design, but feel free to ask the tour guide anything you want about Wright’s unique life. This three-hour tour looks at the estate's state-of-the-art fire protection system, roofing techniques, and the engineering behind Wright’s architectural style. It’s a tour any architect enthusiast wouldn’t want to miss.

Admission to the two-hour Valentine’s Tour is $30 per person; admission to the Master Architectural Tour is $40 per person. Reservations are required. E-mail graycliff@verizon.net, or call 716-947-9217.

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