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National Trust for Historic Preservation: “I Heart Central Terminal”

It seems like everyone  who has heard of Buffalo has something to say about it. As a student at Northeastern University in Boston, I endure a constant barrage of reminders from Bostonians about our Siberianesque winters (even though Boston had more snow than we did last winter), and sports teams with losing records, (cough Bills cough). But a Buffalonian knows that these are just minor hiccups. I think most of us happen to enjoy all four seasons, including winter. If nothing else, it helps us appreciate our glorious event-filled summers that much more. Be it good or bad, Buffalo incites opinion.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation wants to know what you have to say. As they prepare for their annual conference, to be held here in the Queen City in October, the NTHP will be filming and interviewing Buffalonians about what they have to say about Buffalo as part of a documentary called “Buffalo Unscripted.” On Saturday, July 16th they will kick the filming off with a big party at the Central Terminal. People with passionate opinions about Buffalo— come on down, and speak your mind on film. Filming begins at 9:30 and ends at 3:30.

But the chance to be interviewed for "Buffalo Unscripted" isn't the only thing to be found at the “I Heart Central Terminal” party, which also includes photo booths, the much-loved Lloyd taco truck, a concert by Those Idiots (with a special surprise mid-set you won't want to miss), and a "paint in" from a group known as Painting for Preservation. It's a multifaceted Buffalove event.

To learn more about "Buffalo Unscripted" and to see their week-long filming schedule you can visit the website at www.BuffaloUnscripted.org or check out the event out on Facebook. If Twitter is your thing, you can follow them every step of the way using #BUFunscripted.

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