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Psychedelic photo op at the Botanical Gardens

For this job, you need either a serious SLR or your iPhone. As we were leaving the Botanical Gardens Thursday night—the first night of the Night Lights show—a posse of hardcore shutterbugs was headed inside, tripods at the ready. I bet they got some wonderful shots, but I am surprisingly happy with what I could do with my humble iPhone 3GS. It's not great, but it's fast, which is what you need to get the color changes in succession.


The highlight of the show is without question the tropical rainforest /fern house.—where the thundering tiki waterfall is brilliantly lit in series of lurid colors— but I also was fascinated with how individual plants would change color under the LED wash fixtures, as you see above.


Did you take pictures at Night Lights? Get anything good? Email them to us at Spree with the words “Picture This” in the subject line and we will consider them for publication in our April or May issue. Act fast—Night Lights only runs through 2/19.

Some interesting links:
Night Lights at the Heron, which inspired this event.
Volt Vision, the company that did both shows

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