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Turning a lens toward an overlooked part of the globe

Nathan Peracciny

Even though the Dominican Republic is only 900 miles or so from Florida, it is, in many ways, truly a world away. This is especially true when it comes to the nation’s access to good medicine and education.

Western New York native Nathan Peracciny is aiming to do his part to help change that. The local photographer and videographer has teamed up with Jesse’s Children and Flying Dentists Association visit the country on a humanitarian mission. The goal? Help this third world nation heal, build, and educate.

“It’s a part of the world that can be overlooked very easy,” he says, adding that his ability to tell a story via his art is part of the reason he is heading to the Dominican Republic.

“I like to capture a moment,” says Peracciny of his work. “I like people and culture … I want [audiences] to start thinking. My hope is that when people view work I’ve done for myself and for clients, a strong emotion is evoked.”

And while this type of first-hand documenting is quite different from shooting in a studio, Peracciny is up for the challenge. “You could work hard and sit pretty, or you could go out and help some people,” he says.

Each of the twenty-six people involved in the trip goes at their own expense. In an effort to help raise money for his visit, Peracciny is holding am art show fundraiser art show at 8 p.m. at Allen Street Hardware (245 Allen Street) on Wednesday, February 16. The show will feature the rising star’s photography, and all proceeds will go direct to the Dominican Republic mission.

Jesse’s Children helps with medical, dental, and educational assistance, as well as building and repairing hospitals, clinics, playgrounds, and schools. And although this is Peracciny’s first humanitarian trip, groups such as Jesse’s Children and Flying Dentists Association have been visiting and assisting third world countries for twenty years.

For more info, call 866-2190 or visit www.peracciny.com.

People and Things I Shot Today

Wednesday, February 16, 8 p.m.

Allen Street Hardware

45 Allen Street, 14201

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