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Spree Music with E. Lovria: Bowerbirds

Courtesy of bowerbirds.com

After spending the better part of a decade living in Raleigh, North Carolina, it’s become like a second home. Despite a lack of hockey knowledge and strange love of all things ACC basketball and religion, there were plenty of North Carolina residents who expressed the same neighborly spirit that we do here in Buffalo. And similar to Buffalo, with its abundance of amazing musical acts, Raleigh boosts a plethora of up-and-comers such as the Bowerbirds, who are performing at the Tralf on Thursday, June 14 in support of their most recent release The Clearing.

The Bowerbirds’ refreshing blend of harmonies and sweet folk guitar melodies are a perfect disguise for the deeper, purposeful message within their songs. Their latest album seems to be birthed out of crisis. Between their 2009 release, Upper Air, and The Clearing, Beth Tacular (vocals/accordion) suffered from a mysterious illness to which she almost succumbed. Tacular parted romantically with Bowerbirds’ Philip Moore (guitar/vocals) after a long relationship only to reconcile shortly-thereafter. This is elaborated on in the charming track “In the Yard,” and with heartfelt sentiment they sing: “ … it may not be a grand parade of snow-capped peaks; no river silver-backed crashing through; but we have our black-haired babes running free through the woods.”

Providing a relaxing concert experience, the Bowerbirds bring a stripped-down type of performance devoid of big explosions and grand fanfare, allowing the music to be the focus. While Tacular and Mark Paulson (violin/vocals) exchange percussion duties throughout the show, all members contribute to the vocals creating a heavenly and calming harmony. Not a percussion-heavy band, the drums provide the faintest of beats, echoing a resting heart. And any band that features a well-played accordion regularly in its songs is one that’s sure to make me take note. 


Tickets for the Bowerbirds are currently on sale for $14 and will be $15 day of the show. Doors open at 7 and show begins at 8.  






Elizabeth Lovria is a graduate of Lake Shore Central Schools and Syracuse University. She resides in Hamburg with her husband and their daughter.


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