Woodcock Brothers Brewery Opening This Saturday

Julia Burke

In addition to sixteen wineries, beautiful Lake Ontario, and multiple farms and restaurants, there's now one more reason to visit Niagara County: its first brewery. Woodcock Brothers Brewing Company opens this weekend with a great lineup of original craft beers, a beautiful full-service restaurant, and hip seating area with a view of the brewing facilities. Small touches  reflecting the building's history as an apple storage facility––door frames, walls, and other items taken right from the original building––give the place a homey feel and show off Mark and Tim Woodcock's flair for stylish construction.

Co-owner Mark Woodcock makes last-minute adjustments behind the bar.

"It's been a long road!" says Mark Woodcock, adding, "We've been here seven days a week, fourteen, sixteen hour days, for the past six months. The brewing part was in some ways the easiest part." The brewers say they're still tweaking their recipes, but  so far they've found the transition from home brewing to a commercial system "pretty seamless." In addition to their porter (my personal favorite) and IPA, the brewers will be adding an amber ale, an American pale ale, and a winter ale to their selection; check them out this Saturday when they open at 11:00 a.m. and Sunday at noon. Visit woodcockbrothersbrewery.com or the brewery's Facebook page for details.
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