Artpark’s season ends with a Big Bang

Dynamic double bill slated for Saturday, September 2nd

William Close with the Earth Harp

Photos by Dragos Dumitru


Saturday, September 2nd, 2017
6:00pm - 10:30pm
For more info, click here.


Here’s something you don’t see every summer: Artpark is presenting an artist who has also gigged at Burning Man and a performance group that uses inflatables and pyrotechnics to tell the story of the universe. Welcome to Artpark 3.0. Under the direction of executive director Sonia Clark, the arts center/public park has brought back some of the excitement of its early days as a home for innovation. That spirit finds its final expression this season with the double bill of William Close and the Earth Harp Collective and Plasticiens Volants, on September 2.


Close is an installation artist and musician who is known for pushing the boundaries of what a musical instrument can be and do. He’s created over 100 of them, many sculptural and/or wearable, including instruments used by Cirque de Soleil performers, among others, and his creations have been featured in concerts by Philip Glass, U2, One Republic, and others.


Plasticiens Volants


At Artpark, Close presents one of his most famous instruments, the Earth Harp. Audience members sit inside the belly of this huge instrument as the artist manipulates the long strings. The performance also features some of the artist’s other iconic instruments.


Expect even more spectacular effects when Plasticiens Volants takes the stage. The French street theater group has been performing over forty years; its concerts usually feature huge inflatables, projected images, music, and pyrotechnics (hence the name Big Bang for this performance).


This is its first booking at Artpark; recent dates include the 2014 (Sochi) and 2016 (Rio) Olympic Games, and many, many international festivals.


Click here to learn more about this event or call 754-4375.   


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