December Music Pick of the Month

Peter Michael Marino @ Nietzsche’s on December 7


I first learned about this internationally touring New York-based comic writer/performer with Buffalo roots in an L.A. Times article a few years ago about the cream of the recent bumper crop of autobiographical one-man-shows. Ironically, the project he’s currently touring, Show Up!, has nothing to do with his own life—at least not on the surface. Drawn almost entirely from the lives of audience members, it’s simultaneously a spoof of both the enough-about-you narcissism of the average solo performer and the randomness of the gimme-a-crazy-situation format of improv comedy, and ultimately (spoiler alert) a surprisingly poignant and honest examination of how we all present ourselves in public. Folks in the crowd are also encouraged to volunteer—in a friendly, no-pressure way—as the tech crew and whatever else may be required. The version I saw during Infringement a couple of summers ago made me laugh a lot, but its deeper themes have stayed with me ever since. Marino is a high-energy, often hilarious performer whose out-of-thin-air inventions have lasting impact. Even if you’re as terrified of audience participation as I usually am, just show up and take the ride. You’ll be safe, and you won’t be sorry. (As added incentive, the event is technically free, but the hat will be passed and you will surely be inspired to give generously.)


Don't miss Peter Michael Marino @ Nietzsche’s on December 7.


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