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An opinionated to-do list

Spring Break at the Corning Museum of Glass is from April 8 - April 22.

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Come, fill the Cup, and in the Fire of Spring
The Winter Garment of Repentance fling:
The Bird of Time has but a little way
To fly—and Lo! the Bird is on the Wing.
–Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


That’s right. Start flinging those garments, y’all, because spring is here, and it is glorious. I’d choose Khayyam over Eliot any day. April the cruelest month? April?! A walk down Elmwood on any sunny April afternoon will disabuse you of that notion. Unless it’s windy, in which case, April is a little passive-aggressive, but I wouldn’t call her cruel. Take a peek at this list, and then go out and enjoy your city and its environs.


Spring Break at the Corning Museum of Glass

Maybe your first thought is not to bring an energetic child who’s been stuck at home for days to a place full of fragile glassware, but think again! The museum has lots of family-friendly activities to keep you sane and the kids happy. Cool programs include “You Design It; We Make It!” which is pretty self-explanatory; “Make Your Own Glass,” including eggs, sun catchers, and wind chimes; and “Garden Gallery Hunt Kids,” where kids explore the galleries and find glass objects inspired by spring to create their own glass bouquets. Plus, admission for kids and teens is always free.

April 8 through 22 at Corning Museum of Glass (One Museum Way, Corning; or 800-732-6845)


Niagara Falls Culinary Institute’s Culinary Series 

The institute offers hands-on culinary classes for both children and adults. With a special program for the week kids are out of school on spring break, programs include Easter Basket Cake-piping, April 11, and Make Your Own Breakfast, April 12. Decidedly more adult classes include Around the World in a Glass of Bubbles, exploring sparkling wines, April 14; Amarone and other Vini de Paglia, April 28; and Sushi variations and techniques, April 29.

April 11 through 29 at Niagara Falls Culinary Institute (28 Old Falls St., Niagara Falls; or 210-2525) 


Poetry from the Banned Seven

Timothy McPeek is organizing an artistic, activist-driven poetic event at his bookstore, Rust Belt Books, to showcase and celebrate poetry from each of the seven countries affected by Trump’s travel ban: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen. It’s an opportunity to try to understand and appreciate the cultures, histories, and especially the individuals of these countries. Visitors are free to explore, relate inwardly, share, and take copies for dissemination in any fashion. An informal opening is scheduled for Saturday, April 15, with refreshments and community.

April 14–16 at Rust Belt Books, 415 Grant Street (; 885-9535)


Fungi with a Fun Gal  at Reinstein Woods


Fungi with a Fun Gal 

This outdoor event is guaranteed to be both squishy and educational. These critters—are they animal, vegetable, a little of both?—play a huge role in maintaining the ecosystem. This day is actually a two-fer at Reinstein woods, because from 1 to 4 p.m., visitors can get more involved at the Earth Day Volunteer Open House and discover volunteer opportunities such as greeting visitors, becoming a nature guide, or helping care for the trails. 

April 22, walk, 10:30 a.m.; open house 1 p.m. at Reinstein Woods Environmental Education Center (93 Honorine Dr., Depew; or 683-5959) 


Kenan Center presents a rare exhibit featuring works of Charles E. Burchfield, his daughters and grandaughter, opening April 30.


Three Generations of Burchfields: Works from the Schoene Collection

As part of its fiftieth anniversary celebration, the Kenan Center presents this rare exhibit featuring works by noted American watercolorist Charles E. Burchfield; his daughters, Catherine Burchfield Parker and Martha Burchfield Richter; and his granddaughter, Peggy Richter Haug. Guest curator is Gerald Mead, who is also responsible for the Spree office’s ever-changing art feature. The exhibit has special significance as the very first exhibit held in the House Gallery was of Charles Burchfield works from the collection of Charles Rand Penney on April 30, 1966, which was also Kenan’s birthday. 

April 30 through June 16 at Kenan Center Gallery (433 Locust St., Lockport; or 443-2617)        


Wendy Guild Swearingen is senior editor of Spree.


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