Karl Heerdt at Meibohm

Iroquois Refuge


With a new exhibition of paintings by Karl Heerdt, Meibohm Fine Arts continues its tradition of focusing on the best practitioners of realist landscapes working in Western New York. This is not to say that Heerdt is creating photographic depictions using oil paint (far from it). Rather, the self-taught artist roughs out enough of the general shapes to make clear that we are looking at a forest, the bend in a river, or a waterscape. He fills this in with transparent layers, creating in the process movement and light. These glowing works are a pleasure to view.


Karl Heerdt: Nature’s Palette runs from September 15 to October 14, at Meibohm Fine Arts, 478 Main Street, East Aurora. For more information, call 652-0940 or visit meibohmfinearts.com.         


Top to bottom: The Rapids,  Early Morning Horseshoe Falls


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