On View / Allyson Strafella’s beautiful abrasions

These drawings are made with transfer papers and a modified typewriter.


A superficial viewing of Allyson Strafella’s artworks suggests that they are minimalist areas of color on paper. And they are, in one way. But they are also drawings made with a typewriter, carbon paper, and white paper through far from minimalist means. Strafella takes a piece of carbon paper (black, red, blue, or green) and types on it repeatedly with a customized electric typewriter, sometimes with such repetition that the paper underneath begins to dissolve. She creates simple shapes that define the heavily typed areas as opposed to the smoother surfaces. The resulting works on paper are heavily textured, but serene; their meditative presence denies the destructive and obsessive typing that created them.


These fascinating works can be seen at Nina Freudenheim this month. Allyson Strafella: Paths is on view through December 5, Nina Freudenheim Gallery, 140 North Street.


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