On View / Auerbach at Pausa

Rita Argen Auerbach,TROPICAL, watercolor


To gain new appreciation for common indoor foliage plants, travel to their native lands in the tropics, where they grow high and spread wide, flourishing their lush fronds and—sometimes—bright flowers. Many Western New Yorkers have reveled in the exotic flora seen during vacations to the Caribbean and other winter getaways, but few are able to bring the tropics home like artist Rita Argen Auerbach does in her recent series of beautiful watercolor paintings. The series is based on recent visits to Costa Rica and Hawaii; the artist has entitled it ECO-COLORS.


Enjoy them at Pausa Art House May 5–June 23, with an opening reception on May 5, 6–11 p.m. (19 Wadsworth St.; 697-9075 or pausaarthouse.com.)


Rita Argen Auerbach, Palm Dance, Banana Palm, watercolor


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