On View / Butler at Nina Freudenheim

Note the changed opening date: May 6

UNTITLED (detail), graphite on paper


Kyle Butler’s artist statements are always intriguing and sometimes entertaining. In the one for this show, he posits that imagery can be combative/disagreeable or collaborative/agreeable. It’s an interesting dichotomy. In terms of Butler’s latest series of paintings, Roil, the dichotomy can be translated as follows: Can random sets of expressive marks, moving and merging across the canvas, be at the same time abstract exercises and aggressive and—possibly— alarming symbols? It is completely possible. Even in the most wallpaper-like repetitive imagery here, there is a strong sense of underlying nervousness. As always, these subtleties are what make Butler’s work so compelling.


See for yourself at Nina Freudenheim, May 6–June 7, with an opening reception May 6, 6–8 p.m. (140 North St., 882-5777, www.ninafreudenheimgallery.com


Untitled (detail), and Untitled, graphite on paper 


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