On View / Fresh trees

Mark Lavatelli, Firehouse

Image courtesy of the artist and gallery


Over the past twenty years or so, painter Mark Lavatelli has rung selective changes on his central theme, the tree form. He’s added text (on occasions). He’s abstracted the forms more, and then less, and then more again. He’s experimented with various printing techniques and added other media to his preferred method of encaustic painting.


What remains constant is the vigor and immediacy of the resulting artworks. No matter how many times the artist presents tree-centric paintings to Western New York audiences, the work is always surprising, inventive, and engaging. Lavatelli communicates his love of nature through transforming it rather than depicting it. The colors are bright, recalling Modernist abstraction rather than landscape traditions. In his current works, Lavatelli has upped that ante, adding bands of vibrant color to the barely visible natural forms.


See encaustic paintings, monotypes, and installations from this new series at Indigo, 47 Allen Street, October 6–November 5, with an opening on Friday, October 6, 6–9 p.m., during Allentown’s monthly First Friday art walk.    


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