On View / Incivility: A Visual Response

Can we just get along—or at least talk as though we do?

Image of Day Care by Frani Evedon courtesy of the artist.


A press release for this exhibition opens with a statement that few today would disagree with: Each day seems to bring a new affront or outrage, a stubborn refusal to try compassion or comprehension. Conversation too often deteriorates into insults and slurs. We turn away from each other instead, no longer civil, content to stay in our bubbles, protected by like-minded people.


The show is called Incivility: A Visual Response, and it is organized by the Buffalo Society of Artists in collaboration with El Museo. The BSA has invited all its member artists to submit work that addresses the current climate of polarized debate. The exhibition organizers hope that art can create a shared experience that promotes dialogue.


We hope so too.


Some proceeds from this show will be donated to the International Institute.


Incivility: A Visual Response is on view December 1–9, with an opening reception Friday, December 1, 7–9 p.m. at El Museo, 91 Allen Street.


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