Rose Popper at Sisti Gallery North

Unfoldment, Fluxion

Photos courtesy of the artist and gallery


Rose Popper is a longtime member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, but her work is rarely seen as a solo exhibition. Here’s a chance to get a good look at Popper’s sculpture and visit a brand-new gallery, Sisti Gallery North. Located in Pendleton, the space was opened in March by Ron LaRocque, the grandson of legendary Buffalo artist Anthony J. Sisti, who is known for his paintings, his gallery on Franklin Street, his cofounding of the Allentown Art Festival, and his generally colorful and eventful life. The gallery was built to honor Sisti and display his works; it is also hosting exhibitions by other artists, including this show featuring Popper’s stone sculpture.


The stone works take pleasing and dynamic abstract forms. Popper aims at a soft, flowing effect that contradicts the inherently inflexible nature of her medium. She succeeds; the works are engaging and accomplished. Popper has shown her work in group shows throughout the area, taught for many years, and worked as a designer at Fisher-Price for a time.


The show at Sisti Gallery North, 6535 Campbell Boulevard, runs September 2–30, with an opening reception September 2, 2–5 p.m.                


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