Women’s Work

Hallwalls' benefit auction on June 1

Clockwise from top, left: Works to be auctioned by Jillian McDonald, Ida Applebroog, and Alison Kobayashi

Photos courtesy of CEPA, Hallwalls, and the artists


Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center holds its benefit auction on June 1; as with previous auctions, the artwork is drawn from artists who have exhibited at the space over the decades and there is a specific theme: women artists. It’s always eye-opening to find out how many artists of international stature have gravitated to Hallwallsthe list for this auction is packed with well-known names in contemporary art, including Cindy Sherman (one of the founders of Hallwalls), Laylah Ali, Ida Applebroog, Monica Angle, Beth B, Mary Begley, Elizabeth Berdann, Laura Borneman, Skylar Borgstrom, Kathé Burkhart, Ellen Carey, Millie Chen, Julia Douglas, Erin Finley, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Pam Glick, Eliza Griffiths, Suzy Lake, Joan Linder, Esperanza Mayobre, Jillian McDonald, Judy Rifka, Alicia Ross, Kiki Smith, Chrysanne Stathacos, Betty Tompkins, Barbara Weissberger, Mary Wyrick and others.


Doors open at 7 p.m. on Thursday June 1, at Asbury Hall, Babeville, 341 Delaware Avenue. Call 854-1694 or visit hallwalls.org to view artworks and get additional information.


—Elizabeth Licata

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