Beloved creatures

Horses and dogs from life at Meibohm Fine Arts


Photos courtesy of the artist and gallery


Constance Payne: Horses and Hounds runs September 14–October 13 at Meibohm Five Arts, 478 Main St., East Aurora, with an artist’s reception on September 14, 6–9 p.m. For more information, visit


It would be difficult to find more universally loved animals than horses and dogs. And it’s equally difficult to find an artist who has been depicting them so thoughtfully as Constance Payne. For almost thirty years, Payne has been a respected figure in this area. She has studied major historical figures in the art of animal painting—such as  Rosa Bonheur and Alfred Munnings—and, after college, continued her education at an atelier in Florence and at Cornell’s Veterinary College, where she gained muscular and skeletal expertise. Payne has been based in WNY, but now lives in Wisconsin.


An interesting feature of Payne’s working method is that she prefers to work from life, using in-the-field sketches, rather than from photographs, as is common practice with many representational painters.  Payne’s hands-on process is suited to the unashamedly personal, emotional bonds she feels with her subject matter. As the last line of her artist statement puts it: this show is about love. 


Rocky From Life, Dog From Life


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