Craig at Meibohm

Luminous landscapes celebrate the beauty of earth, sky, and water

Spangled Rill

Images courtesy of Meibohm and the artist


Nancy Treherne Craig, Eyes Open, is on view at Meibohm Fine Arts, 478 Main Street  April 27–May 26. Call 652-0940 or visit for more information.


By leaving out some details and deliberately enhancing others, painter Nancy Treherne Craig magnifies the beauty of the natural scenes she depicts. In works such as Spangled Rill, in which meticulously rendered tree boughs frame a loosely painted waterscape, the painter makes the viewer want to run out immediately and experience her magical scenes. Craig’s ability to depict light, reflections, and the movement of water is expert and seemingly effortless. As the painter says in her statement, “We need to open our eyes.” Buffalo art lovers need to get themselves to East Aurora and open their eyes wide for Craig’s paintings.


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