Group263 @ PAUSA Art House


Group263 through December at PAUSA Art House, 19 Wadsworth Street


Four very different artists have joined forces for this exhibition, now on view at the popular PAUSA Art House. Though it’s thought of as a music venue—and a superb showcase for jazz—PAUSA has been hosting thoughtfully chosen art exhibitions since its founding.


Group263 comprises painter Karima Bondi, watercolor artist Brian Boutin, photographer Kathleen Corff Rogers, and photographer/framer Rick Steinberg. While the works by Bondi, Boutin, and Rogers seem founded in the interpretation of nature and natural forms, Steinberg’s photographs are of musicians—how appropriate for PAUSA.


Clockwise from top left, works by Boutin, Bondi, Steinberg, and Rogers


A visit to PAUSA is always a treat. Music lovers are encouraged to arrive early to get a good look at this evocative group of artworks.


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