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Concerts / Car Seat Headrest

American indie rock band brings its lo-fi sound to Babeville


Tuesday, June 25
Asbury Hall, Babeville, 341 Delaware Avenue
babevillebuffalo.com, 852-3835


Further evidence of the inevitable Nineties Revival: Post-post-modern name and skinny-jean nerd-chic appearance aside, Will Toledo’s much adored band is saturated in the indie rock aesthetic of the waning years of the twentieth century, evoking the earnestness of Kurt Cobain, the deliberately affectless vocals and hyper-referential lyrics of Steven Malkmus and Beck, and the lo-fi production values of Daniel Johnston, Beat Happening, and countless cassette-crazed quiet loners. Toledo’s subject matter circles around depression (another grunge-era favorite and a staple of bright post-adolescents long before and since), but he brings a joyous, communal vibe to the proceedings, along with a great deadpan sense of humor. Seattle trio Naked Giants opens.




“Car Seat Headrest” is a nickname derived from the bandleader’s real name, which Is Carson Sievert Headley.


No, really, it’s Will Toledo.


Nope, “Toledo” is a pseudonym, too.


Whoever the guy really is, he took the name “Car Seat Headrest” as a shout-out to the fact that he recorded the vocals for his early, self-released albums in the back seat of his car for privacy.


No, it was for the acoustics.


Speaking of those early albums, his current tour is tied to his latest project, which is a “re-recorded, re-imagined” version of one of them: 2011’s Twin Fantasy. Vocals were recorded in the studio this time.


The first patent for a car seat headrest was filed in 1920. After several decades as an optional feature, the headrest became mandatory in all US automobiles manufactured after January 1, 1969.



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