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Concerts / Passion Pit 

A Native Son


Monday, May 20
The Rapids 



Although he was born in New Jersey and is most often associated with Boston, Michael Angelakos, the driving force behind Passion Pit, spent his formative years in Buffalo in the early 2000s, writing some of his earliest compositions for school plays while he was a student at Nichols. He’ll be returning to WNY—along with the current crop of musicians who help him flesh out his songs onstage—on a tour marking the tenth anniversary of the band’s major-label debut, Manners. That’s the recording that brought Angelakos’s extraordinary talent for crafting almost absurdly catchy, thoughtful pop to the attention of the world at large, turbocharging a career that has included three subsequent albums—as well as tour cancellations, hospitalization, band shakeups, and other ramifications of his long history of mental health issues. (A lengthy personal statement accompanying the launch of his self-released 2017 project Tremendous Sea of Love discussed past suicide attempts and his Bipolar I diagnosis with off-putting yet refreshing frankness, and he has donated royalties from the album to a Harvard/MIT psychiatric research facility.) Angelakos’s greatest gift may well be his ability to translate some of the lowest points of his life into impossibly upbeat melodies—and to make such a feat look far easier than it surely must be.



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