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How the Grinch Stole EDM

Canadian saxophonist Kirk MacDonald will be at the History Museum on November 10.


Tuesday, December 26

Snails: World of Slime tour

at Town Ballroom

681 Main Street, townballroom.com


Can there be any happier day every year for a certain group of musical Scrooges and Grinches than December 26, when the bells stop jingling, there is no more rockin’ around the Christmas tree, and night is truly silent again at last? If you fall into that camp, pack the candy canes and gingerbread men away, hug those hungover relatives one last time, and get your grumpy ass downtown for an evening of “vomitstep,” a sub-subgenre of aggressively abrasive electronic dance music devised by Montreal DJ and producer Snails, currently on his “World of Slime” tour. Drawing inspiration from the metal bands of his youth, Snails anchors his mixes with deafeningly amplified and distorted instruments and vocalists, tossing in found sound samples including old-school modems (easily the most instantly identifiable and annoying sonic signifier of the ’90s) and dire warnings about various upcoming disasters. Subtle it is not, but that also makes for a fantastic way to purge the good vibes of the previous month and prepare for the grim winter ahead. Fellow rabblerousers JayCeeOh and Hi I’m Ghost open. 



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