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Bringing Becker's DYKotomy to film

kc kratt


Buffalo comedian Kristen Becker is going to make a movie. It’s going to be a funny, entertaining, and socially relevant film. You’re going to want to watch this movie when it comes out. And then you’re going to wish that you’d donated some cash to make it happen, because the movie is going to be that good. And, if we truly want to pat ourselves on the back and call ourselves the City of Good Neighbors, we’ve got to jump on the opportunity to support an artist who’s done so much to raise Buffalo’s profile in the comedy scene (Becker was largely responsible, after all, for bringing Helium Comedy Club to downtown Buffalo).

The good news is, you’re not too late. Dykotomy is still in the planning stages, and you can still get involved. You’ve only got a few days to do it, so feel free to click on the hyperlink and read all about her project right now. Go ahead, I don’t mind if you navigate away from this page. I would too, because Becker’s funnier than me, and you’d rather read and listen to her describe the project in her own words. I get it, no worries.

If you’re still reading this, it means you want me to tell you more, right? Okay, will do. The idea for Dykotomy came about when Kristen Becker—an out gay woman—reflected on her past and realized that every single one of her exes is either involved with or married to a man. This was the original seed of an idea that’s since grown bigger: to make a documentary that follows Becker as she heads out to talk to these exes, and to other friends, around the country. As a comedian who lives in New York State but has roots in Louisiana, Becker is uniquely positioned to explore issues of sexual identity and sexual politics with a wide variety of people from North to South. And she’s funny, so it’s not going to sound like a college lecture.

This is an idea whose time has come. Dykotomy is going to be a movie with Buffalo roots, but it’s going to have wide appeal. The budget is tight, and the money is going to help Becker hire professional filmmaker Marianna Kreidler (an artist-in-residence at our own Squeaky Wheel), and to house the crew while on the road. Think of this as a virtual Cash Mob (another brilliant Buffalo idea) to support a rising comedic star. Dykotomy will be great, and you’ll be proud to say you were a Becker backer from the start.


Note, this video contains sexual references and profanity.


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