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Buffalo City Mission needs turkeys

Halloween is nearly here, which means the next holiday to prepare for is already on the horizon: Thanksgiving. This food-centric holiday revolves around a single piece of poultry.

Turkey is the most essential part of any Thanksgiving meal and without it—as most know it—the holiday meal would cease to exist. There would be no stuffing, if there wasn't a bird to put it in, and no gravy, without the drippings to make it with. Cranberry sauce? Nobody eats that unless it’s slathered on a slice of turkey.

This is why the Buffalo City Mission (BCM) desperately needs donations. The BCM hosts a Thanksgiving Community Meal on Thanksgiving and also runs a “Turkey Express” which delivers hot meals throughout the day on Thanksgiving. The BCM is about 3,000 turkeys shy of being able to feed all of the hungry mouths that look to them for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Imaging arriving to your host’s home to discover that all of the turkey was gone —you’d feel like you missed out on the whole holiday. That is the predicament BCM is in—not being able to provide a holiday meal for thousands of poor and homeless people throughout Buffalo. BCM can’t operate without donations and they need your help to make Thanksgiving happen this year. American businessman and philanthropist W. Clement Stone once said, “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” Celebrate the holiday and put your thankful thoughts into action, by sharing a turkey.

To make a donation, bring your turkey to: Buffalo City Mission 100 East Tupper Street, or call 854-8181. If you are interested in learning about holiday urgent needs and volunteer opportunities visit: www.buffalocitymission.org.

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