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reweave: “Because giving back is the only way forward.”

reweave is working with Hope Community Rehabilitation Center in Ghana, a safe space for street children. Photo by Abhi Nangia.

A new nonprofit organization called reweave has recently begun working toward their goal of supporting sustainable businesses and impact entrepreneurship. Their mission is to work with organizations dedicated to creating a lasting social change. reweave wants to “be better” by improving the way people interact with each other. Whether it is donating money, working together, or buying merchandise, reweave aims to change the way people think about what it means to be doing good.

Like all great organizations, reweave started with an idea. In 2010, CEO and co-founder Abhi Nangia, a native of Buffalo, took a trip to Cape Town, South Africa that would inspire him to create a project to assist the under funded and under resourced social enterprises. With the company under the name unitia, Nangia began working, following his philosophy that “giving back being the only way forward, and that we can always be better, even if already doing good.” On a 2012 trip to Bali, Indonesia, Nangia met co-founder Daniel Garafulic and they have been working together on reweave ever since.

While visiting Ghana, Nangia saw firsthand how reweave would be able to help the impact entrepreneurs who were in need of assistance. reweave maintains the idea that everyone can be a positive influence in their communities and create a lasting impact on the world; the local projects showed a desire to do so. This trip to Ghana resulted not only in reweave’s motto, “be better,” and the project requirements for businesses, “100% transparent, 100% impact focused, 100% better,” but also the belief that all people have the power to create change.

There are three main pillars of reweave’s social impact plan: give better, do better, buy better. Give better is all about donations. Being a nonprofit, reweave relies on the generosity of others to successfully help their projects. The resources that they receive are funneled into their impact fund to help impact entrepreneurs and they plan on awarding startups to those who wish to be involved in their movement in the future. Doing better in the eyes of reweave is anything from assisting people who want to create their own projects, facilitating internships, or sending “grow teams” made up of three to four people to assist current projects for four to twelve months at a time. Buy better is the belief that workers deserve to be paid local retail value for their goods. reweave has begun working on an online marketplace that currently features two of their projects, Camino Nuevo and Trashy Bags. Camino Nuevo employs women in La Chureca to create handcrafted jewelry from recycled materials while Trashy Bags is an initiative in Africa to upcycle plastic waste into handbags and totes.

As both the website and organization grow, be on the lookout for ways to become involved with reweave. Anyone interested in being a member of a grow team or obtaining an internship can contact reweave at team@reweave.org. However, even if you don’t have the resources to directly participate in events with reweave, you can still pass along the message of being better. “It’s not just giving, doing, and buying. It’s everything,” says Nangia. “It’s smiling at those around us; it’s brightening someone’s day even if yours isn’t going so well. It’s doing everything you can to be a better person, and to be proud of that lifestyle choice.” This is the philosophy on which reweave has based their organization and they want to help those who share their beliefs. “Being better, through reweave, is being better in general. We can guide that; we can facilitate that,” Nangia explains. “We want to be the place, that safe place, for people to express their goodness, and to truly help the world around them grow and be better.”

So what does the future hold for reweave? Nangia believes that “reweave, as it is, has the potential to become the hub for doing good.” This means, first and foremost, inspiring people to work toward change. reweave wants to motivate a “community of people and projects committed to working together in order to create a better world.”

And after that? reweave aims to be “the place where everyone goes to learn how they can be better, and then to act on it by giving, doing, and buying better.” Although reweave is still a new project, it is clear that they are taking their own advice and doing good, better.

You can receive up-to-date information about reweave by liking them on Facebook, visiting their website or their indiegogo site, or joining their mailing list.

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