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A kinder, gentler Lucy


Countless national media outlets—including the New York Times, Smithsonian, NPR, Boing Boing, TIME, and Britain’s Telegraph—have been following the saga of a Lucille Ball statue and its replacement in Celeron, NY, her hometown.


As most WNYers know by now, the original Ball sculpture by artist Dave Poulin was unveiled in 2009 at Celeron’s Lucille Ball Memorial Park with little ado until a Facebook page entitled “We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue!” got noticed by national media. A glaring and often hilarious social media spotlight was trained on tiny Celeron and the original statue’s unfortunate visage was revealed to a world that previously hadn’t a clue it existed. After several abortive attempts to remedy the situation, a Hudson Valley-based artist, Carolyn Palmer, was chosen to create a replacement (thanks to anonymous funders and other donations prompted by the uproar); the new statue was unveiled on August 6. Without doubt, Palmer’s replacement is far more attractive than the first attempt.


As of now, it appears that both statues will remain in the park.


Here are some of our favorite Tweets from August 6-8th:

HASHTAG #ScaryLucy


Judd Apatow: Sometimes I feel like everything I have ever done has been Scary Lucy. Aren’t we all #ScaryLucy? 


Ed Morrissey: New York town to replace statue of Billy Bob Thornton with one of Lucille Ball today.


New York Theater: Ok, they’ve replaced #ScaryLucy w/ #NewLucy, but, like #EcceHomo, she’s become a tourist attraction.


Marc Snetiker: Glad they replaced the scary Lucille Ball statue with Amy Poehler.


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