Crossways of Buffalo


Ever wonder why getting around Buffalo can be so strangely confusing? Some would say it’s all about the intersections. Proceeding through some of them is like a multiple-choice quiz—with at least six possible answers—that has to be answered correctly in four seconds. Why are there so many parallel roads feet from each other, with multiple stop signs, at Forest Avenue and Lincoln Parkway?  Who created the nightmare at Main, Goodell, Pearl, and Edward? Ever notice how easy it is to go the wrong way down Humboldt Parkway? We won’t even get into the circles.


Peter Gorman, a Syracuse-born artist who graduated from the University at Buffalo, took an 11,000-mile ride across the US that inspired a series of minimalist designs based on urban geography. The projects include the Manhattan subway system, the parks of Savannah, and a series of “Intersections,” which depict crazy intersections in Houston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Austin, and, of course, Buffalo. Gorman’s Barely Maps can be found on Etsy.


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