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Law Office of Stephanie Adams Talks: Covid-19 Q&A, session II

2 p.m., Friday, April 3, Facebook


The Law Office of Stephanie Adams, PLLC (LOSA), offers a free weekly online Q&A on Facebook on Fridays,  providing guidance and up-to-the-minute information on our ever-changing situation.


This week, attorney Richard Morrisroe of the Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe joins Adams for a conversation about what they’ve been hearing from their clients—and what they are advising. Topics include contract cancellations, “force majure” (a legal term for unforeseeable circumstances that could change contract performance and payment requirements), and what to do when basic government functions like licensing and permits slow down, or cease altogether.


Readers are invited to submit questions about COVID-19’s impact on workplace matters, public and higher education, court and government regulations, and new and temporary changes to the law to keltz@losapllc.com by noon on Wednesday; a new live session will follow each Friday.


These online question and answer sessions are not legal advice; they provide guidance on how to get the best information regarding legal matters at a time when those matters are changing rapidly.


Questions should relate to general applications of the law, not a specific legal need. If you have specific legal needs and do not have an attorney, please consult the Erie County Bar Association lawyer referral service.


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