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Jan 17, 2010
08:16 PM

Curried Fish Chowder

First I want to say that I am calling this a "chowder" but technically it is not; in order for a recipe to be a chowder—curried or not—it should include both a salted pork product (salt pork, bacon, or ham) and potatoes, and this recipes has neither. Thus this is really a chunky version of a curried fish soup. Having that off my chest, I'll also add that this is another example of how to make a really flavorful and nutritious meal out of what is at hand, which is how I most often cook at home. After looking in my teeny apartment-sized freezer, fridge, and pantry, I came up with the ingredients for this dish (I did have to walk to the corner store for a lemon, but it was such a beautiful evening).

The recipe for this dish follows the same basic premise of most soup/stew recipes: sweat the vegetables, then add the liquid and other ingredients. What sets it apart from most soups is the addition of a spice mix; I'm calling it curry, but it is really a blending of spices I had on my spice rack (including curry powder). I also included loads of garlic and ginger. The one thing I didn't have to finish the recipe was cilantro, which would have been added right before I removed the pot from the heat.

Curry seems to be one of those flavorings where there is no in between, meaning you either love it or you hate it; thankfully I fall into the former category. But remember, as with most of the  recipes I feature here, the flavorings and ingredients in this one are really up to you. This would, for example, be delicious without the spices and with the addition of a little ham or bacon—or just as a vegetable soup for that matter. The options are limitless and the choices are up to you. Anyhow, this is how I made mine (in photos); if you need an actual printed recipe (not mine), click here.

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