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Oct 22, 2010
08:06 AM

Pizza bracket 11: Gino & Joe's vs. La Hacienda

Pizza bracket 11: Gino & Joe's vs. La Hacienda

kc kratt (originals pre-cropping)

It’s a rare thing to be asked if you want your pizza “well done,” but that’s what you get when you call La Hacienda. Its competitor for this round, Gino & Joe’s, has a crust that’s closer to Italian bread than bread sticks. They are from two very different schools of pizza.

La Hacienda’s slices are cooked thoroughly but evenly, from the rims of the upturned pepperoni slices down through the bread. The crust snaps on the outside but offers far more give at its core. It’s far from health food, but you won’t feel like you’ve taken a shot of olive oil when you polish off a slice or two. Looking at a Hacienda pizza as a whole, the one thing you come away with is consistency: even cheese coverage, thorough baking, a clean crust/cheese separation, and an even spread of the deliciously spicy pepperoni.

Gino & Joe’s is less cooked than La Hacienda, plain and simple. Nothing quite crisps. That’s not always a bad thing—it can feel great to literally sink your teeth into a soft, cheesy bite. But the pepperoni and sauce on Gino’s slices aren’t quite at the same level as Hacienda’s balance of lightly sweet and spicy, and the way the cheese and pepperoni occasionally clump on a Gino slice makes it a risky venture for anyone wearing a shirt they care about.

The winner of this bracket will be revealed in the November issue of Buffalo Spree. Who would you pick? Reply in comments and you will also be eligible to win our pizza showdown contest.

Oct 23, 2010 09:11 am
 Posted by  Mike In WNY

La Hacienda has perfected the art of the traditional WNY pizza, FTW!

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