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M+R delivers a punch

A punch party awaits you and three of your favorite folks at Marble + Rye

Photo courtesy of Christian Willmott/Marble + Rye


Marble + Rye opened quietly a few months ago, serving up stellar burgers but also veg-centric dishes sure to dizzy the heads of even the most stubborn carnivores. The cocktails aren’t too shabby, either. Through the oversight of partner/owner Christian Willmott and bar manager Megan Lee, a clever, delicious, and well-executed drink menu adds flair to the bar’s finely tuned list of available beers and wines.


Since the notion of craft cocktails hit WNY four years ago with the birth of Vera, there have been dozens of bars and restaurants, new and old, that have attempted to follow suit. Few have been successful. Despite the popularity of the craft cocktail trend—which shows no sign of slowing anytime soon to such an extent the term trend might be used here in error—it is still incredibly challenging to get a good drink in Buffalo outside of a handful of locations, whether your poison is a newfangled concoction or a classic recipe. But Marble + Rye seems to have beaten the odds (along with its neighbor, Toutant, for the record), ensuring guests elixirs as good as its food. But no matter how good a cocktail bar's drinks are, it's safe to say that innovation in a national market so flooded with great minds and talented souls is rare indeed. However, M+R’s latest twist on bringing better booze to its Buffalo clientele is just that, innovative, and it's an innovation that has a stab at earning eyeballs on a national level.


Tableside punch service is an idea Willmott thought of during the early planning stages of the restaurant after attending a punch party at Hotel Lafayette. He and Lee have worked together to devise an offering sure to please. “It really makes sense for us, our larger plates are designed for sharing, our small plates are too, so a shared cocktail experience seemed obvious,” says Willmott. The duo has done their best to research any other bar that offers a similar menu item and have come up empty handed. The offering rotates; right now the featured punch is a take on the restaurant’s popular drink, Date Dance. It combines white rum with apple, citrus, and housemade rhubarb sorbet. Each punch bowl serves six and runs $50. Punch bowls are only available to parties of four or more. 


M+R’s punch program is also available at its newly revealed happy hour, which features a happy hour punchbowl for $30, along with some classic beverages such as the Moscow Mule and margarita for only $5. Both of these options come along with the release of M+R's fall cocktail menu, which includes The Gorch, pictured below, a cocktail of rye whiskey, Dolin's dry and blanc vermouth, lemon, and as a nod to our region's massive grape harvest, a concord grape shrub. 



Conveniently located in the Genesee Gateway, M+R is an ideal after-work cocktail stop for downtown workers and near enough Toutant and Buffalo Proper that you could (should) create your very own cocktail crawl on any weekend.



Christa Glennie Seychew is Spree's senior editor.



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