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The beer geek gift guide


Craft beer owns the market these days, slaying the choicest of wines and the coolest of cocktails to win the hearts (and wallets) of blue collar sports fans, fancy pants country club types, and supernerd hopheads alike. No matter where your favorite drinker might land on the beer geek spectrum (or what your budget might look like), we’ve done some gift research on your behalf. Shop local and drink local; it’s a win-win for everyone.


Beer Savers - $6.99

KegWorks; 1460 Military Rd., Kenmore;

These six silicone lids easily replace bottle caps to keep beer fresh and carbonated in the refrigerator. We know some of you might wonder how anyone could possibly drink only part of beer, leaving enough to be worth saving it in the fridge for later. But these little stocking stuffers are really great for savoring special beers sold in bombers or 750 ml large format bottles.



Buffalo Pint - $10

Oxford Pennant; 731 Main St., Buffalo;

Buffalo-themed pint glasses are everywhere these days, but Oxford Pennant has designed one with equal parts style and attitude, a balance this homegrown company gets better than most. Grab an It’s Not That Bad pint glass at OP’s killer Main Street location, or shop online for a dozen or two to give as gifts at the office holiday party.



Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit - $29.99

KegWorks; 1460 Military Rd., Kenmore;

Long known for its expertise when it comes to glassware, Spiegelau partnered with a panel of master brewers and industry experts to design its line of beer glasses. This three-piece set features a glass designed for optimal IPA consumption, one that favors stout, and another carefully crafted to highlight the body and flavor profile of your typical American wheat beer.



Big Ditch Gift Box - $50

Big Ditch Brewing; 55 East Huron St., Buffalo;

A $25 gift card, Big Ditch growler, and two etched Teku beer glasses make this an easy, one-size-fits-all gift for any beer fan. A Teku beer glass looks a lot like wine glass with a slender stem. It works much like a traditional Belgian tulip glass, though its curves are definitely modern. Bon Appetit says, “[The Teku glass] will change your beer drinking life for the better.”



Brew Start-up Kit - $99.98

Niagara Tradition Home Brew; 1296 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda;

Open since ‘92, Niagara Traditions rode the first craft beer wave that crested in the late eighties and early nineties, earning its position as a pioneer in our region. This venue has everything and anything you need for DIY beer (wine, soda, vinegar, and cheese, too), and it’s created a start-up kit that includes everything but the 12 oz. bottles you’d need to store your first brew in (though it sells those, as well). This version includes ingredients every first-time brewer needs; select from kits designed specifically to create IPA, lager, stout, or other specific beer styles. Staff here is always friendly and helpful, so just stop in if you have questions.



Man Cave Walk-in Beer Cooler Kegerator -
$7,300 - $7,700

KegWorks; 1460 Military Rd., Kenmore;

Anyone familiar with KegWorks knows the store cut its teeth on the old school kegerator, but this beauty likely exceeds its founders’ wildest dreams—it certainly does ours. This walk-in cooler is sleek in appearance but holds a robust thirty cases of beer and four kegs at a frosty 32°F. It also comes with beer dispensing equipment—just make sure your lucky giftee has at least 11’ ceilings. Sure, it’s a splurge, but once you know it exists, well, it’s kind of hard to imagine any Man Cave without it.


Next time you’re at your favorite brewery, don’t forget to pick up some stocking stuffers in the forms of glasses, gift cards, hats, and/or other merch. We know that Community Beer Works, Flying Bison, Buffalo Brewing Company, Old First Ward Brewing Company, Steelbound Brewing Company, and Brickyard Brewing Company, among many others, have these available for their fans.


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