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Catching up with Vandra Ruppel

Head brewer at Hydraulic Hearth


(originally interviewed 4/16/19)


What are you up to now?

I finished brew school and am currently the head brewer at Hydraulic Hearth for Community Beer Works in Larkinville.  It’s such an upcoming area, and I’ve always admired CBW and its brewers, so it’s been incredible.


What surprised you most about this journey?

I do really love that I am always learning more about this craft. There is always some new technique, hop, yeast, etc. to experiment with and learn about. For me, there’s nothing better than that.


What beer are you dying to make that may seem a little weird?

I don’t think it’s “weird,” but I’ve been talking with my friends from Leonard Oakes about using juice from their cider apples to make a play on wassail.


Tell me your favorite non-beer activity.

Setting up my hammock up in the woods and reading while snuggling my pup, Bowie.



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