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Instead of Rosé

A list of wines that can bring pleasure in spring


Rosé is great. In fact, rosé is great all year long. But rosé has suffered the fate of exploitation. It’s been diminished to a level so low that Jon Bon Jovi can pay a French winemaker to bottle some pink juice, label it “Hampton Water,” and win accolades from a major publication. Here’s an inside wine industry secret: most rosé is made and released early to bring in cash for that year’s bottling costs. Thanks to heavy-handed marketing, wine shops load up on pallets of rosé for spring release. The chances of finding a halfway decent rosé in spring is getting harder and harder. Springtime in Buffalo is bittersweet; on any given spring day, it can be sixty-eight degrees and sunny, or it can be cloudy with a surprise ice storm. Here’s a list of wines that can bring pleasure to your soul when it’s almost May and the grass is still brown:


Domaine de l’Octavin Chez Jean-Marc

This highly allocated glouglou is like lingonberry jam on a blueberry tart if Barrel + Brine got their hands on it. Juicy. Find this at a ridiculously low glass price at Mile303 in Medina.


Podere il Saliceto “l’Albone” Lambrusco

If rocks had bubbles. And cherries. Black cherries. And dirt. But edible dirt, if dirt tasted like mascarpone and dust. Smack your lips with this baby at Dapper Goose.


Clos Lentiscus Perill Noir Carinyena

Imagine your most passionate tryst. The one you recall most often. The one that felt a little wrong. Now bottle it. That’s this wine.  Accidentally cause your divorce with this at The Little Club.


Radikon Slatnik

A real OG. When you see articles about orange wine, one could argue that Mr. Stanko Radikon is the reason. He passed away in September of 2016. If you’d like to taste the last vintage grown by a legend, pick up a bottle at Winkler & Samuels.


Bloomer Creek Tanzen Dame Dry Gewurztraminer

All the aroma of your grandma’s wardrobe–in a tasty, not weird, way. Have you ever wondered what Emma Woodhouse would taste like? Have a few glasses and a cortado at Remedy House.


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