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Lockhouse's Ginnamon targets the discerning shot-taker


Ginnamon Negroni

.75 ounce Ginnamon

.75 ounce sweet vermouth

.75 ounce Lockhouse Ibisco

Stir and serve with orange rind garnish 


With a holiday unveiling on December 21, Lockhouse’s new spirit, Ginnamon, should have filtered into local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores by now. As the name implies, this is a cinnamon-flavored gin, inspired by the current trend toward spicy spirits like Fireball, as well as by the rich, sweet smells that emanate at certain times from the General Mills plant just across the river from Lockhouse’s headquarters. Ginnamon is sixty-four proof, which is a tad milder than other products in the distillery’s line of spirits.


Tip: It’s orangey-red hue makes it a perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day libation.


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