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Birdwatching / 100+ birds for beginners to find

A list of “First Year” birds


Here is a list just over 100 birds that I believe a beginner could find with reasonable effort in his or her first year. (I have avoided species that represent identification problems.) If you are a beginner, you might accept the list as a challenge for 2019.


Pied-billed grebe

double-crested cormorant

great blue heron

great egret

turkey vulture

Canada goose

mute swan

tundra swan

wood duck




ring-necked duck

long-tailed duck


common goldeneye

hooded merganser

common merganser

red-breasted merganser


bald eagle

red-tailed hawk

American kestrel

wild turkey

American coot


spotted sandpiper

Bonaparte’s gull,

ring-billed gull

herring gull

great black-backed gull

Caspian tern

common tern

rock pigeon

mourning dove

chimney swift

ruby-throated hummingbird

belted kingfisher

red-bellied woodpecker

yellow-bellied sapsucker

downy woodpecker

hairy woodpecker

Northern flicker

Eastern phoebe

great crested flycatcher

Eastern kingbird

warbling vireo

red-eyed vireo

blue jay

American crow

purple martin

tree swallow

barn swallow

black-capped chickadee

tufted titmouse

red-breasted nuthatch

white-breasted nuthatch

brown creeper

house wren

golden-crowned kinglet

ruby-crowned kinglet

Eastern bluebird

wood thrush

American robin

gray catbird

European starling

cedar waxwing

Nashville warbler

yellow warbler

chestnut-sided warbler

magnolia warbler

black-throated blue warbler

yellow-rumped warbler

black-throated green warbler

blackburnian warbler

black-and-white warbler

American redstart


common yellowthroat

hooded warbler

scarlet tanager

Eastern towhee

American tree sparrow

chipping sparrow

field sparrow

song sparrow

swamp sparrow

white-throated sparrow

white-crowned sparrow

dark-eyed junco

Northern cardinal

rose-breasted grosbeak

indigo bunting


red-winged blackbird

Eastern meadowlark

common grackle

brown-headed cowbird

Baltimore oriole

house finch

American goldfinch

house sparrow


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