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Niagara Falls is for the birds

All gulls are not created equal. See how many different species you can identify on Goat Island and along the river.


Now is the time to visit Niagara Falls/Niagara Falls State Park, when its beauty can be quietly enjoyed without worrying about parking or wading through crowds of visitors. Bonus? A walk around Goat Island will be rewarded by sightings of many WNY resident songbirds as well as hosts of waterfowl. The Niagara River corridor supports one of the world’s most spectacular concentrations of gulls (nineteen species) as well as canvasback, goldeneye, mergansers, greater scaup, and many other species. Audubon reports that there have been one-day counts of more than 100,000 individual gulls. While songbirds have suffered surprising losses over the past few years, waterfowl abound and this is the time to watch out for them.



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