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“They’re not coming. They never were.”

We do have this. Another museum might be a good idea.

That’s the quote from Brian Higgins I’m hearing on WNED AM as I write this. Do I care? Do you? By this time, probably very few of us care that much.

Actually, relief is the biggest emotion. And a faint hope that now we can all move on, and continue to create positive activity at the Inner Harbor/Canalside. I was down there with a friend Tuesday, for a cruise on the Spirit of Buffalo. What’s there already is actually quite nice, from the little bridge to the rock-lined canal to the battleships looming alongside (above). I always discover something I didn’t realize we had whenever I visit this historic site. A big plus is the nearby Erie Basin Marina Test Garden, now bursting with summer color.

What will be there instead? What would you like to see? A brief survey among my Buffalo Spree colleagues produced the following suggestions:
-IKEA (of course)
-a bookstore (I have simple tastes)
-another outdoor store
-a big aquarium a la Baltimore
-a football stadium
-Crate and Barrel (or insert favorite chain store here)
-a movie studio (to steal productions from TO)
-Trader Joe's
-a museum of some type—perhaps an Albright-Knox satellite

What would you pick?

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