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In which a radio show about gardening includes subliminal marketing for Buffalo

Courtesy of mikenowak.net

Mike Nowak’s Chicago-based gardening show is the show we wish we had here in Buffalo. Nowak—who’s been called the Dave Barry of gardening—has been hosting the show for about a decade, and is also a green activist, who speaks out against unsustainable practices, founded the Midwest Ecological Landscaping Association, and has many critical comments to make about the “perfect lawn.” Just the guy I wish was hosting a gardening show here!

So I was thrilled to be asked to be on his show with my Garden Rant partners Amy Stewart and Susan Harris (Michele Owens was in Germany). Nowak had us on because we are giving a panel presentation at the Independent Garden Center conference in Chicago this Thursday (8/19).

We had a fun talk Sunday (8/15), trying not to interrupt each other too much. I include a link to it here. Strangely though, about midway through the show, Mike starts to refer to Buffalo as the capitol city of gardening with obvious sarcasm. Check it out. But keep in mind it is a gardening show, so if you don’t like gardening talk, this is not for you.

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