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Must-read: the FAIL tourney

There is a long tradition of treating politics as a spectator sport, and the most successful and entertaining local practitioners of this can be found at WNYMedia.net. Artvoice’s Geoff Kelly is a worthy contender with his weekly summaries, and James Heaney’s Buffalo News blog regularly skewers the powers-that-be, but for daily entertainment on this topic, there is nowhere to go but WNYMedia.net and Buffalo Pundit (housed on the site).

This week the jesters and cynics at WNYMedia have outdone themselves. Using the NCAA Tourney, aka March Madness, as a structural model, they have engineered a PolitiFAIL Tourney involving 32 WNY elected politicians/political operatives/miscellaneous power mongers. All your favorites are there.

The tournament is rounding into the Sweet Sixteen now. There is a post for each match-up, and a daily recap; be sure to read through the earlier matches. The winners are determined by reader votes, though it hardly matters, and some of the match-ups are absurdly, wonderfully arbitrary. (Bashar Issa vs. Steve Pigeon?)

Political dysfunction has no cure; it is a disease that has been widespread world-wide for centuries. Laughter is all we’ve got.

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