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Vote architect Barbie, and vote often

Every little girl remembers her first Barbie. The toy, feminist debates aside, is a landmark American symbol. You can take what you want from that symbol, but one thing that is indisputable is Barbie’s effect of young kids.

Smartly, Mattel recognized this and developed an “I Can Be” series, designed to allow children to see all the things Barbie—and by extension, girls everywhere—can do. The overwhelming winner was "architect Barbie," defeating such biggies as librarian and police woman. 

But Mattel decided not to produce the doll, saying children would not understand what an architect does. (Thanks, Mattel.)

Now, they've started a new competition, and the architect has once again made the list. If you agree that children should have the option—and why wouldn't you?—vote, and vote often. (There is no limit to the number of votes per person.)

But make it snappy—the voting closes soon, and the results will be posted on February 12.

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