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National Trust tours the Michigan Avenue Heritage Corridor

by Nancy J. Parisi (courtesy of Visit Buffalo Niagara)

Thursday I saw a busload of out-of-town conference attendees crowd into the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church, the Nash House, and the Colored Musicians Club. There was no need to ask them about their impressions-they were obviously fascinated, most of them clicking away with cameras and smart phones.

The Michigan Avenue Heritage Corridor has arrived. There are signs, brochures, public hours, and three institutions to visit.

How many Western New Yorkers have been to any of these three places? The Nash House Museum, original home of Reverend Edward Nash (1868-1957) minister and prominent leader in the African American community nationwide, now has hours, albeit limited: Thursdays and Saturdays, 11:30-4:00.

The Michigan Avenue Baptist Church, a very active ministry, is almost always able to welcome visitors.

And the Colored Musicians Club hosts jazz performances on a regular basis, featuring some of the best musicians in the area. Its weekly schedule can be found here. A museum planned for the first floor should be open later this year.

During the NTHP tour, there was a lovely jazz performance, complete with dancers-here's a clip: (Just raw iPhone footage, but you get the idea)

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