Super Bowl XLIV: Possibly super

On paper, Super Bowl XLIV is without question one of the finest big game match-ups of all-time. It seemed almost predestined that the finest teams in their respective conferences—featuring the finest two quarterbacks in the game—would meet. It's an ideal pairing in almost every way.

That's why predictions seem to be varying wildly. But I think it will be the Colts, in a close one. The Saints are a wild football team, capable of scoring fifty points, while giving up forty-nine. And I think that will cost them here. Peyton Manning and company are smart—occasionally too smart, as evidenced in the regular season loss to the Jets. In this case, they'll player safer and tighter, and defeat the Saints, 30-23.

And they'd better. Frankly, I don't want to see fat Greg Williams wearing a Super Bowl ring in my lifetime. (Someone's enjoying the cuisine of New Orleans!)

(Regular Spree sports blogger John Hakes sends us his prediction: Colts 27, Saints 20. I hope you're right, John.)

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