Will the Bills win a game in 2010?

I was on the road back home Sunday afternoon, perhaps subconsciously choosing the noon to 4 p.m. timeslot to make the trip home to spare myself the misery of watching the Buffalo absorb its latest spanking, 38-14, this time against the Jets. A true glutton for punishment, I tuned in to listen on the airwaves as the Jets play-by-play team understandably snickered and sneered their way through the broadcast.

Hence, I didn't see Buffalo once again disgrace itself and be dominated in every facet of the game. Then again, how many times have we seen this kind of lopsided Men vs. Boys match over the past decade? A dozen, at least?

Hey, no one expected this rotten-to-the-core version of the team to beat the bombast, bravado—and most importantly talent, skill, and coaching—of the 2010 Jets. But, thinking back to July, did anyone really think it would be this bad? Let this sink in: New York ran for 270-plus yards. Mark Sanchez, Braylon Edwards, and Jericho Cotcherry played catch in the sandlot.

To top it all off, Ryan Fitzpatrick came crashing back down to earth following his Week Three progress in Foxborough and his offense sputtered and stalled exactly as it did under the clumsy stewardship of Trent Edwards.

This one was actually uglier than the 31-7 Week Two drubbing in Lambeau. And with each passing week, we see just how flat the cardiogram line of this merry band of clods is running. There might not be more than three or four starters on this team with any kind of future in the NFL.

I guess we're forced to ask the question no one wants to (or thought they might have to): will the Bills win a game all year? Seriously, is 0-16 that bizarre a scenario this year? We used to assert that no pro team can go winless, especially in this watered-down, vanilla, salary-capped NFL ... until the Lions did it a few years back. This, of course, removes the cold comfort of calling 0-for-the-season "impossible," especially with this collection of failures.

I'm itching to hear responses, any of which must include your "lock(s)" for victories. Jacksonville this Sunday? Detroit on November 14? Cleveland on December 12? Take a minute to stare down the barrel of this gun, if you dare: are any of those teams even remotely worse off than Buffalo?

The Jags have had their issues, to be sure, but only against the league's good teams. Certainly they have the horses to beat the Bills. Would you be gobsmacked if they do? The Lions have valiantly fought with Buffalo in the 2000s for the right to call itself the NFL's most hopelessly futile operation, but is beating the Bills not within reason? And the Browns? Save for their defeat of the rival Bengals this past weekend, Buffalo's the only team we're sure they can beat, as recent history has taught us.

So, dear reader, I challenge you to build a scenario in which the 2010 Bills do crack the win column. You can longer say it can't be done, and I'm starting to believe it's about the only unique thing of which this Bills team is capable.

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