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Spree Style with Erin Habes: Birds of a feather


With spring in the air, the birds are chirping and feathers are making a fashion statement, particularly as a hair accessory. I myself have been picking up on the trend of pretty plumage by rocking a mix of “Native American” meets “70’s vibe” accessories. Though we have seen this trend in headbands and hair clips in past seasons, the long feather earrings and hair extensions are definitely having a moment of their own.

Invoking the primal side of fashion, one local designer has embraced this exotic look and delivered it with perfection. Morgen Love’s Iron and Fire adornment collection includes feathers from birds like roosters and Congo African Grey Macaws.

The full commitment to the Pocahontas look is the feather hair extensions that have been all the rage in L.A. and have only recently hit the East Coast. Easy to use crimping beads allow you to choose a color combination that best suits your style. Or, you can select a color that blends with your hair color and works as a highlight.

If this seems a little too daring for you, but you still want to rock this fresh look, keep things simple with a sleek bun and a single feather. We suggest that you strut your inner Stevie Nicks this spring by letting this trend take flight!

Selections from Morgen Love's Iron & Fire Collection


Lead image courtesy of LoveChild.

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